[4 ATTENDING] Costa Rica Fly Out! @ MROC 1312300ZSEP13

MROC Fly Out

So, this will be my first ever event! I love Costa Rica and have been there 3 times for vacation. I flew into MRLB but, that airport is to small/quiet to host a event at!

Server: Training
Airport: MROC
Time: 2300Z 2019-09-13T23:00:00Z

INFORMATION Juan Santamaría International Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría ) (IATA: SJO , ICAO: MROC ) is the primary airport serving San José, the capital of [Costa Rica](Costa Rica - Wikipedia


This is my first event, as earlier said so sorry if it’s not the most organized thing.

I will be providing the first shift of ATC as tower, if your interested in providing the other frequencies send a reply first come first serve.

REQUIRED Please, look at a map of MROC if you can and find the accurate airline and gate number, then message, Airline , Terminal _____, Gate, ______, And Destination Airport code to help me get organized! If you have ANY trouble please dont hesitate to message me for help!

YOU must spawn at the correct airline terminal as they do in real life. You can look at a site such as flight aware to find real routes and airlines in or out of MROC.


  • International Terminal

Gate A1: tinytinnytin

Gate A10: Costaricanpailot

  • Domestic Apron

ATC Schedule
Tower First Shift: Aviation_nerd

Tower Second Shift: Alejandro_Castaneda

Ground Shift: Alejandro_Castaneda

Departure Shift;

Approach Shift;


Every day I see more events in Latin America!
I would like to be ATC TWR and GND

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Ok Your In 😎

I’ll be making a list of terminals and airlines once I get home because it will be hard to do it on a phone

Hey guys Sign me in

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Alright, please read the notam and say your airline and route. Dont worry about the gate yet I got it.

Call sing:SWVA506
Airline: southwest
Boeing 737 (N7708E)

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@Aviation_nerd your Zulu time doesn’t match the automatic time converter you have. For me 1100Z is 5:00am and the time converter says 5:00pm, which is 2300Z👍

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Thanks used a bad converter!!

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Alright! Your gate has been assigned you can find it in the gates and terminals sections! see you on Friday :D

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Af431, 777-200ER, Terminal M gate 01, destination lfpg paris

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Added! :) See Ya There

Thanks! See ya there!

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