[4 Attending+ATC] (Air Capital of the World) Wichita Flyout @ KICT - 021700ZJUN19

Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower airport is located in the largest city in Kansas, and has about 25-30 flights daily, if not more. I have never seen anyone fly in or out of this airport (only myself) and is completely ignored in IF. This flyout will show some realistic traffic out of this airport and it is my home airport.


Event Information

Server: Training

Airport: KICT

Time: June 2, 1700Z


  • Spawn in 10 minutes before scheduled time

  • Request route if it is not listed

  • Any gates may be used, but only use 1-12 for commercial flights

  • Would prefer to have a tower and ground controller

1- Delta to Atlanta (737)
2- Delta to Minneapolis (737)
3- Allegiant to Las Vegas/Phoenix-Mesa (757 [because no MD-80 in IF])
4- Southwest to Las Vegas/Phoenix/St. Louis (737) @IF787
5- Southwest to Las Vegas/Phoenix/St. Louis (737)
6- American to Chicago (737)
7- American to Dallas Ft. Worth (CRJ-200/900)
8- United to Denver/Chicago/Houston (737, A320, or CRJ-700)
9- United to Denver/Chicago/Houston (737, A320, or CRJ-700) @Brandon_Biaesch
10- Frontier to Denver (A320)
11- Alaska to Seattle (737) @Matthew_20204

1- UPS/FedEx
2- UPS/FedEx
3- UPS/FedEx
4- UPS/FedEx
5- UPS/FedEx

GA Gates:
Remote 1: @Kansas_Scotty

Ground: @Heyitxryan
Tower: @Heyitxryan

This is my first event, so may be a little tough to be organized, but I’ll try!
I will send a reminder out 24-48 hours before the event to confirm if you will be attending


If anyone has any suggestions to improve this event, I am open to ideas!

I can Take ATC

ground, tower, or both?

I will Take Both

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You are signed up, thanks!

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Do you know anyone that would be interested in participating?

I’ll take gate 11 to Seatlle

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You are signed up

@Heyitxryan, and @Matthew_20204,
I will send a reminder out 48 hours before. Is the IFC the best way to reach you guys?

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Date Change @Heyitxryan, @Matthew_20204
This is because while looking through events in June, I came across one occurring on the same day and around the same time. (This change in day is to hopefully have a few more people join the flyout)
Now June 2

Can I take gate 9 plz. 737 to KDEN. Thx!

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Yes, You are now signed up!

Can I get gate 10 to Denver?

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You are signed up!

Actually, I may not make it, I think I have a football game on Saturday! Sorry!

The event is now on a Sunday
Even if you can’t make it, I totally understand. I do a sport as well and know the commitment they require

So are you officially dropping out now, or seeing until later?

I would like to attend. I need a GA slot and would be flying out to Great Bend.
Kansas Scotty

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I will find you a gate in a second. What aircraft will you be piloting?