[4 Attending, 20 Available] Welcoming Adelaide into 2019 @ YPAD - 010130ZJAN19


Hello, Welcome to my first event!

This will be held at YPAD!

We will be flying through to YSSY!

Time: January 1, 2019 1:30 AM

Departure: YPAD

Arrival: YSSY

Server: Training


  • Be respectful of ATC or Unicom

  • Be careful around other traffic

  • Spawn in 10mins early for screen shots!



Remote Apron 02:
Remote Apron 02A:
Remote Apron 03A:
Remote Apron 1:
Gate 12L:
Gate 13: @Chris_Hosford Virgin Aus 737
Gate 14L:
Gate 16R:
Gate 18R:
Gate 20R:
Gate 22R:
Gate 23: @James_Harvey Qantas 738
Gate 24: @AviationMad Qantas 738
Gate 25: @Adelaide_Aviation Qantas 738
Gate 26L: @Matthew_20204 Jetstar A320
Gate 50A:
Gate 50B:
Gate 50C:
Gate 50D:
Gate 50F:
Gate 50G:
GA Apron 01:
Cargo Apron 85

Everything you need to know about Adelaide Airport (YPAD)

We will be flying through to Sydney PLEASE CHOOSE A SUITABLE AIRCRAFT Suggestions: Virgin Aus 737-800 JetStar A320 Qantas 737 QantasLink 717 TigerAir A319

Route: Please use your own route as we don’t want players crashing into each other.

Happy New Year I will get to your requests with in 24hrs.


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Ill be atc ground and tower


no problem


I’ll take gate 12L with the Jetstar A320


No problem 12L is all yours!

Pacific Northwest Series: Part 1 @KSNA

RESCHEDULED: Now 0130Zulu @Matthew_20204 @Rishon_R Let me know if you cant make it.


Gate 14L is all yours @Chris_Hosford! (From request through Discord)


More gates being added, CAN WE GET 10 ATTENDEES


GA and Cargo are now being accepted as of new gates added.


Can still make it


cool cya then


I’ll do my best to make it I’ll take any gate for a Qantas 737-800


Ok thanks ill add you!


Can I have gate 23 if that’s all right


Sure ill change it!


More Gates AVAILABLE, Please sign up!


@AviationMad Gate 24 is added for you (through PM)


Switched Gates Around to Match REAL-WORLD OPERATIONS