[4 ATTENDEES] Dy-lan 17 + AH_Aviation Event In Dubai @ OMDB - UBBB 061400ZAPR19


Server: Expert Server

Airport: OMDB - UBBB

Time: 1400Z

NOTAM: Please Use Unicom

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Airline: FlyDubai

Date: April 6

AH_Aviation: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBAE7O0IVjWwAVakzD4DpYQ

Dy-lan 17: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDkcRq-Kl8eJxqglz_3jgrg?view_as=subscriber

We will both be Streaming This Flight On YouTube, I suggest you go too AH_Aviation his streams are better ;) All our Info About the status will be in the stream and I will give info there. Come join us We will be streaming for 2 hours or more, it will be awesome we always have fun, any other YouTubers are Welcome to Stream this too, We will be more than happy if you livestream it! Request Gates here!

@AH_aviation Gate F22
@Canada_Flight_125 Gate F21
@Aviation-21 Gate F20
@Jens_Severin Gate F19


Nice, can I have a gate

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yes! You can have gate F22

Can I have a gate please?

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Yes you can have gate F20

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Hi Dylan. I can’t join this event but I will try in the next event you host

In the mean time I could help others to join you…

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Ok thanks :)

Hey, can I have gate F19?

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Yes! Welcome!

Is the event in 1 or 2 hrs (i always get confused because of daylight savings)?

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