4 Aircraft needed for a display for a flyover in formation

I saw a video for the 747 after The creator passed away and it was a triangular formation with a flyover. What I’m planning to do with the comfirmation on the day from the air traffic controller is to hold all traffic at one of the favourite airports which isn’t decided that’s very busy and fly right over with all 5 jets in formation to give a thanks to the infinite flight team for all there hard work and spectators that are in the airport can whether at the gates or holding can take photos of the fly by. Now I need 4 experienced pilots and training will be provided and better if you have zello for better communication so I can get everyone into formation plus I’ll have to speak to ATC to get the go ahead but if so this should be a great sight to see which will be recorded and posted on my YouTube channel. Inbox me if anyone that has zello and would like to be apart of this great opportunity would like to participate. Thanks guys :)

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I saw that vid too, it was using FSX2004 wasn’t it. Allec something

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Spot on bro! It was a great video wanted to re-create the same in infinite flight :)

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I would be happy to join in.

@Captain_Infinite. Max Sez: Planning an Event? Suggest you plan it off line. Collect your support IFATC via PM. And Request participants in the event Topic guidance. Not hard, this is obviously your first event. This is a suggestion only based on experience. Just Sayin. Regards


I’m game. Just sent me a message.

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