3SEP20 / 1635Z - The 6ix to Stampede City @CYYZ - CYYC

Summary: We will be flying CYYZ to CYYC on Thursday at 2020-09-03T16:25:00Z
Flying past the Rockies. Calgary and Toronto are featured.

Server: Expert

Airport: CYYZ

Time: 1635Z 2020-09-03T16:35:00Z

*Please join me as it will be featured!

Route: Copy my FLP

I’m getting really confused with the time here.
You say that Toronto and Calgary will be featured this Thursday. But Thursday falls on the 3rd of September, so why do you say it’s on the fourth?

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Whoops lemme change that. I’m thinking it’s Sunday. Sorry about that.

And I live in the Netherlands (Zulu+2).
You say that your event is at 1235Z, converting to my timezone that would be at 14:35.
But for some reason the date thing you put in says it would be at 18:25(my time). Which converts to 1625Z. So what’s the time of this event?


It would be 1635Z not 1235Z :)

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I’ll be there.

I’m not doing it anymore.