3rd party causes crash?

Iphone 12, newest IOS

When I do a long flight, I’ll pull up live flight tracker on my laptop to monitor my overall flight. It’s the only time my game crashes, is when I’m tracking my flight on LiveFlight. Never have any issues until I pull up live flight. Any ideas why this might occur? I’d say its a coincidence but it has happened 4 times now.

LiveFlight should have nothing to do with your device crashing as it doesn’t affect your device and how it runs Infinite Flight in any way. Often times, issues such as setting your graphics too high, or not having adequate cooling for your device are crash causers.


LiveFlights has no influence of your flights on Infinite Flight! :)

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I mean I have an iphone 12 pro, graphics/processing are no issue, and I have a thermal cooling device on the back of my phone that keeps my phone so cool, it allows for max brightness all the time even when plugged into a speedcharger. I do long haul flights every single night, to wakeup and land before I go to work. Never have any issues until I use live flight. My wifi is strong and consistent as well. I literally have zero issues ever, until I use liveflight. I use the game every day.

hmmmm very odd coincidence I guess.

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