3rd party app question

I saw this in facebook and wanted to know how to get the little task looking bar


When did this happen? Do you know exactly what time or around what time?

Was this picture taken from your device?
For me this seems to be some kind of check list for your flight.

This is about the third party app used in the top left corner. I believe you’re going on about the account issue.

I’ve seen this before but not too sure.

Im looking for the name of the 3rd party app because I would like to het it

Its called InfiniteCheck on the App/Play Store. Currently hasn’t got the TBM and A350 checklists.

It runs a voice operated checklist for each category. Very helpful for new people plus adds a bit more realism! Just hope it can keep updating.

Ohhh ok. Yeah I thought he was talking about the account issue and server crash that happened

I dont see it on app store

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Search “IF Checklist” in the app store.

How do you get that smooth slide in menu? All I now how to do is “split screen"

that’s what I’m trying to figure out

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I believe it is an app on Android. It’s called
Infinite Flight Checklist, you can get it via the google play store here, or just search it up via the name.

I must admit it looks very useful, but I have iOS, which it isn’t available on. maybe I regret my decision now :/

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