3rd Party App - Instrument Control

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I was curious if there was a 3rd party app that allowed you to control instruments in IF. I checked several and they seem to all show instruments but I’m wanting to control like AP settings, throttle, etc from a separate device.

i.e. I am running IF on iPad but want to control AP settings on iPhone. Change settings maybe remotely?

Is this a thing and I’m not finding it?

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I think there is such a thing.
The link is from.

This is what it says.

Remote Cockpit App498 - Nicolas Barthe-Dejean (@ nicolas)
Install IF Cockpit on your phone and control Infinite Flight remotely!

Android App ❌ (currently unavailable)
iOS App ✔️️


If your willing to spend a few dollars, this might be what your looking for:

Correct me if I’m wrong though.

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There is something similar called IF Instruments but I haven’t seen what adjustments you can make as I haven’t had time to test it.

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@Jshnlsn wants an app that you can control the instruments via another device, not just displaying it like in IF Instruments I’m pretty sure.

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Does that not just show the instruments, but without being able to control the plane?

I’m pretty sure you are able to control the aircraft from the app.

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You can’t control the instruments on the IF Instruments app.

That’s correct. This is what I’m needing.

Like, I left my iPad at the house and I notice in Live flight it’s flying a little too fast on a long flight and I want to slow it down via a secondary device.

Make sense?

I don’t think that’s possible; you’d need to be connected on the same WiFi network.

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Makes sense, although there probably isn’t a app that you can control the controls and instruments with another device.

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That’s what I thought would be the case too. But I just wanted to see if it was possible.

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Check what I sent above ☝️I think that’s what you’re looking for correct me if I’m wrong.

@Jshnlsn said that’s not what he’s looking for.

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Unfortunately, the item you suggested isn’t available in the U.S.


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Look above it is what he want only it’s unfortunately not available in the us :)

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Unfortunately after looking


Third party projects for IF | Database

there isn’t anything like what you want other than what I mentioned above.

I doubt it’s that they forgot to add the app in the list if such an app exists.

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Just to clarify what IF-Instruments can and can’t do:

You CAN control the throttle and the landing gear (with the Flaps and Levers addon)
You CAN’T control the plane like in IF Cockpit
You CAN’T remotely control or connect since the IF API needs to be locally reachable via UDP. Don’t think there is any app that can currently connect via WAN.


@epaga This is the answer I was expecting, but I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. :-)

Thank you!


Whoops forgot that IF instruments could control the throttle and landing gear, you can’t control anything besides that so far.

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