3rd party addons / websites to make IF better and easier + any additional tips for a new player?

Hey, I’ve had IF for nearly 2 days now and so far have 18 hours of flight time, grade 2 etc… so as the title says, do you guys have any tips, tutorials, apps, websites and tutorials I should familiarize myself with?
Many thanks!

You can get a joystick and a yoke if you want.

But what will work is:


Some apps you could familiarize yourself with could be…







Infinite Passengers




Its great to see you’re enjoying Infinite Flight! Happy flying!

I hope this helps out a little…


Dang, tysm!

No worries! Hope to see you flying around sometime!

When you’re making the step to grade 3, you have access to expert server which maintains and requires a high quality of flying knowledge and realistic procedures.

Therefore i’d suggest you to read and watch the #tutorials category that provides a lot information about Infinite Flight. With that said, i’d highlight the ATC and flight section as it’s a good way to learn and understand the basics of IF but also “aviation”. Practise on training or casual server and prepare yourself for your first trip on Expert Server! Never forget to ASK any questions! Violating the rules on expert may have consequences…

Good luck!

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Welcome aboard the Infinte Flight team!!

If not already done so have a look at the tutorials section of this forum, which helps explaine how we do things here as well as give you some great tips on flying the different aircraft or taking part as ATC.

As a tip to help make your IF experice super realistic, I recommend making use of Infinte Flight Assistant and also fpltoif.com

fplitoif will produce relaistic flight plans which you can load directly into infintle flight, whilst IFA can be used to program in your step climbs as well as a host of other great additons which helps to make your experince super realistic.

Knew that already, thanks anyway :P

Alright, sure will

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I use FPLTOIF and its great

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I personally can’t use any 3rd party add-ons unfortunately, my app just crashes. But something good for flight planning is Simbrief. I use it for all for all my flights.

Here is the link for the website: https://www.simbrief.com/home/index.php

They’ll teach you how to read the Lido flight plans, no need to worry.

Welcome to IF and the community :)

Slight self-promotion, but I’ve made an app offering nine, aircraft-specific checklists for Infinite Flight. You should check it out! 🙂

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