3rd aviation manufacturer?

Everyone knows that Boeing and Airbus are the 2 best airplane manufacturers in the planet, but who do you think is the 3rd best?
For those who don’t know, McDonnell Douglas is not in the list because it merged with Boeing in 1997.
There are a few old or odd ones but I couldn’t think of any more :/
Sorry if this is a duplicate, I searched but didn’t find any

  • Embraer
  • Antonov
  • Tupolev
  • Bombardier
  • Cessna
  • Cirrus
  • Lockheed
  • De Havilland
  • ATR

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Make this a multiple choice please.

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How many?

As many as they offer. I have multiple I want.

How do I do that.
When I edit the post I can’t edit the poll

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Yes, because you made it public. I’ll
Make the poll.


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Where’s Iluyshin?

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I only said Cirrus cause I like the SR22! If it was by popularity it would be Embraer.

I think its part of Tupolev.
I may be wrong though

They’re sperate design beareus.

Yes I just checked you’re right.

You should have added an “Other”

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De Havilland merged with Boeing, then Bombardier bought the rights to the dash 8’s, so you can remove them.

You didn’t add it

I can’t change it because 5 min. passed, it says I have to contact a moderator

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Dont forget Irkut. The MC-21 is a beaut!

Stuck between Embraer or Bombardier

Isn’t this a matter of opinion? I mean its still a fun poll. But I think Cobalt is the best manufacturer.

it just depends on the person.

De Havilland tkaes the cake. They made the Comet, they deserve it.