3rd Annual Santa Letter Mail Drop presented by AFKLM | 211500ZDEC19

Massive Christmas fly fly-out!

Have you ever wondered where all those letters to Santa sent by children all over the world go? Answer: a small post office in the Finnish town of Rovaniemi, located inside the Arctic Circle. It is here that elves – yes, you read that correctly – sort over 500,000 letters for dear old Saint Nick.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to venture north to Rovaniemi. You will travel through blizzardy cold, hail and snow to successfully deliver thousands of letters to Santa Claus from the children (and adults) of France.The AFKLM born Santa Letter Mail Drop is back for its third and biggest year. The Santa Letter Mail Drop has been a highlight to many on the IFC and many of our own veteran pilots. In this event your mission is to deliver the mail from a hub of your choice over to Lapland in time for the elves to read and make the presents for the kids!

Event info

Date and time - 2019-12-21T18:00:00Z
Server - Expert server
Airport - (Hub of choice) - EFRO


LFPG Gates 8 Left
Gate Aircraft Airline IFC name
H01 B777-200F Air France Cargo @BadPlane
H02 B777-200F Air France Cargo @Alexandre
H03 B777-200F Air France Cargo
H04 B777-200F Air France Cargo
H09 B777-200F Air France Cargo
H05 B777-200F Air France Cargo
H06 B777-200F Air France Cargo
H07 B777-200F Air France Cargo
H08 B777-200F Air France Cargo
H11 B777-200F Air France Cargo
H12 B777-200F Air France Cargo
EHAM Gates 9 Left
Gate Aircraft Airline IFC name
S96 MD-11F MartinAir Cargo @Flying_dutchman1
S94 MD-11F MartinAir Cargo @AryaTheLivingMeme
S92 MD-11F MartinAir Cargo @Manav_Suri
S90 MD-11F MartinAir Cargo @John_Ryan1
S87 MD-11F MartinAir Cargo @Omar_DeWindt
S84 MD-11F MartinAir Cargo @anon72640624
S82 MD-11F MartinAir Cargo
S79 MD-11F MartinAir Cargo
S77 MD-11F MartinAir Cargo
S74 MD-11F MartinAir Cargo
S72 MD-11F MartinAir Cargo

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Um, December 14th is pasted but a way

Oop forgot to change that ill switch it up. @BadPlane


I’m in Ben!

What gate @Alexandre

Ok, I’ll take a LFPG Gate, callsign Air France 2519 heavy

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LFPG H02 if possible

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EHAM S94 please :)

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Both added.

Can I have this please?
Thanks Ben!

Adding you!

Can I take a gate please AFKLM1114 (Any will do) Thanks


Amazing event in view here

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WILL do I Will add you at EHAM

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Please count me in, gate S87 at EHAM. AFKLM001. Thanks!


Added you mate!

In The Netherlands we have “chocolade letters” which are basically chocolates in the shape of a letter of your choice.

Ze zijn super lekker met een zakje pepernoten (oké, oké “Kruidnoten”) erbij!

Count me in in the event!

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I am aware of those! They are so tasty

You live in the UK right (aren’t you British too)? How do you know about them 😂

Dutch. Relations