3rd Anniversary IFC

Hey y’all I’m Stormy Aviation. My 3rd anniversary on the IFC was about 2 weeks ago. I haven’t posted much this year due to having a busy schedule. Recently I haven’t really been in the Infinite flight skies again due to my schedule and the unthinkable happened. I dropped to grade 2! One good thing about 2020 was that I could fly all the time on here and rack up a bunch of hours and experience. Now that’s not possible. Overall though I feel this year I’ve grown more out of the immaturity that was the main part of my early days on this community, I’ve learned that I don’t have to say every thought that comes to my mind. Also this year has been littered with some awesome updates such as the E-175 rework, I had literally been waiting for that since I downloaded IF back in summer 2019, and who can forget about the good ol’ A220, such a cool plane. Everything about IF is so well put together. The live weather, multiplayer, and ATC, all this comes together to make this a truly complete simulator. It’s also been fun to be on staff at IFGAC which in my opinion is the best VO in the app. To conclude this I’d like to thank all the staff at IF and all the mods on here for helping making the community what it is today.


And many more that I’ve forgot. Thanks for reading and most importantly Happy Flying- Stormy


Congrats dude! 🎉

Everything you said I 100% relate to.

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Congratulations are in order!🎉
Glad to share the skies with you with many more flights and years to follow hopefully!

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