3JUN23: Retro Jackson Hole Event

Also note that Jackson Hole is more of a Regional / Domestic airport and 777s like never fly there on a regular basis

@Generic_Flyer your signed up!

Your order will be cooked perfect just as you requested

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Lots of people! Very excited to be controlling TWR and GND! :)

check the list at the top, the only one is a horizion Q400

I’ll take this

@Butter575 roger that!

This one please

:D glad to see ya join

@UALPilot Last gate is filled!!!

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Event Anncouncment

All gates are filled, so i will be adding a second wave for more people to join

I’ll take that

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This one please

@RagonDragon coming right up!

yessir, first time flying continental!

@anon38552190 I see your taking after me

tu es un bon monsieur

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Your french has improved! :D

Merci Beaucoup Mon Ami!

I try hard everyday to learn something new

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Hey just found there is a 2nd wave can I change to this,I need an excuse to use their 757😂

@EastTexasAviationYT roger that!