3JUN23: Retro Jackson Hole Event

Dose this mean I can take the retro MD-11 :D

I think that’s a bit too big for the airport

@EastTexasAviationYT your added

@Topgottem The trijets can just barely operate out of Jackson

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Thats fine :> barely isn’t a “no”
So sign me up!

Gate 2 pls

@Topgottem roger that!

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I’ll take this one.

This one please.

Is a 777 able to fly out of here?

And what airport are we going to?

Yes for the 200 series only

And your going to have to gun it on the throttle, for takeoff

@YT_Sniegutizzz @LuckyRc your both signed up

@Railevator4000 The biggest plane that can fly out of jackson is the DC10

Ok. What airlines fly at Jackson?

Idk all of em. Alaska, delta, united. I know for a fact

Correction MD-11 is

it’s slightly bigger and more goat

@Railevator4000 All available gates are in the top post, which don’t all ready have a username next to them

as far as I know through historical routes the 757 is the largest, across AA, Continental, United and Delta

but you probably know i very well support the DC-10!

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@anon36731834 as you probably understand, the DC10 hosts the only continental livery in game


maybe in the future if we ever get an older plane it’ll no longer be the only one?

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Can I have the America West 757 special please? I want it perfectly cooked with a side of Reno, Medium well please