3JUN23: Retro Jackson Hole Event

neither have i
it always stalls on final… just like the anti butter machine

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Ok thanks

cheers to everyone who joined! My first retro event is officially a success!
@Butter575 thanks for the ATC!

How longs the flight

@IF.Najd im showing 3.5 hrs

make sure to check out my other events!

Butter I wasn’t taking off

@United403 do you think I can land my superb a330 into your hole of Jackson

But you didn’t request to taxi

if you dont butter… ur facing mega prison time lol

I’ll butter but I’ll have to use max reverse thrust and brakes

@IF.Najd what daa heck did i just witness

Got minimal weight so might be able to do it

Oh right sorry I really need to pay attention to that

I love mountains

mine are stunning!

I wish they could add a proper city into LCY so it looks like the realistic approach

just reach FL410 where the winds arent as terrible as the 70 knot headwind i expirenced passing 35,000
3 hrs 31 minutes till i reach newark

@Butter575 you should consider applying for IFATC

Same kind of weather I experienced at 40,000 from EIDW to klax this morning