3jun2023 | infinite flight air races! | krts | if class!


Welcome one welcome all the the INFINITE FLIGHT AIR RACES!
The infinite flight air races is inspired my the STHIL Reno championship air races. And this is a 9 mile race with 10 laps.

Event information
aircraft : Tbm-930
Server: casual
Time: 1400Z (9am Chicago MIDWEST)

Racing aircraft , class
6 racers will participate in the air race.

racer spots here
  1. RED HEAT | white , red and black |TBM-930 β†’
  2. SEA BLUE | sea blue | TBM-930 β†’
  3. BLUE LIGHTNING | navy blue | TBM-930 β†’
  4. GHOSTER | maroon | TBM-930 β†’
  5. WANDERING WONDER | generic | TBM-930 β†’
  6. MARINE ONE | black , red and white | TBM-930 β†’

Names will be listed next to aircraft type, list also shows livery.

Flight following, altitude

for this event. You will be following 7 pylons, or 7 waypoints.

KRTS , YETUD , CIMVO , COMKE , WIPOM , CRDDZ are the way points you will be following. THE FLIGHT PLAN IS MANUALLY FLOWN!
Turn to next waypoint 10 seconds before



Racers, Your max ceiling will be **6000 ft above sea level. Or 1000 feet.**if you do come across mountains be sure to climb higher or a little more than 6000 ft.

you racers will line up right beside each other on runway 8. Once the last racer is off the ground, the race is on!


This race is all about speed, during the race. You will not be making any throttle adjustments it’s 100 percent all the way.

Record speed : 404 knots GS or 464.7 mph

GA race PITS

ramp spots here

GA 01 β†’ (pilots name here)
GA 02 β†’
GA 03 β†’
GA 04 β†’
GA 05 β†’
GA 06 β†’

grandstand reserved seating.

if you are looking to attend the race as a spectator. Here are the GA rampts to spawn at.

GA spectators ramps

GA 12 β†’ @Nowee_playzz
GA 11 β†’
GA 10 β†’
GA 9 β†’
GA 6 β†’
GA 7 β†’
GA 8 β†’

Are there no more spots? I got your back.

If there are no spots. spawn and take off from NV17 or KRNO, fly west or north to KRTS runway 26. Then back taxi to GA spectator ramps.
use airport map for reference

  • I a not responsible for crashes.
  • please use UNICOM correctly.
  • land 1 at a time.
  • have fun!

Extra information.
all spectators. PLEASE SPAWN IN AN C172 OR XCUB!

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