3JUL23: The Milan Malpensa Flyout DEPARTED

Hello IFC! I am back to making events, and to start the summer off right, I decided to host one in my favorite European city which is no other than Milan Italy! Join me and my great friend @RagonDragon on July 3rd to give this massive airport some massive amounts of traffic!!

Event Info
Airport: Milan Malpensa Int’l Airport LIMC
Time: 10am MST, 1600Z
Date: July 3rd, 2023
Server: Expert Server


Terminal 1
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
401 Air Canada Montreal A330 @IF.Kaden
404 American New York JFK B772 @UALPilot
405 Saudi Jeddah B789
407 LATAM Sao Paulo B77W @TheGynSpotter
409 Delta Atlanta A339
410 Delta Atlanta A339
412 Qatar Doha B788 @BenjiTheBull
413 Qatar Doha B788 @MANDELA
501 Qatar Doha B788 @bumy
503 Qatar Doha B788 @itsyourboyosare
505 United Newark B78X @United403
506 Singapore Singapore A350
509 Air China Beijing B748
510 Ethiopian Addis Ababa A350 @BenjiTheBull
511 Kuwait Airways Kuwait City A339
513 La Champagnie Newark B757 @Ryan_15
601 Oman Air Muscat A333
602 Royal Jordanian Amman B788
605 Air India Delhi B772
606 Uzbekistan Airways Tashkent B788 @Crunchymonkey12345
608 Neos Havana Tui B789
609 Emirates Dubai A380
610 ITA New York JFK A350 @AviatorEgcc
611 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong A350
613 Azerbaijan Airways Baku B788
Terminal 1 Remote stands
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
302 Aegean Athens A320
304 Air Baltic Riga BCS3 @lauvsss
307 British airways London Heathrow A321
309 Lufthansa Frankfurt A320
312 KLM Amsterdam B738
314 Royal Air Maroc Casablanca B738
317 Norwegian Oslo B738 @Neva
319 Vueling Barcelona A320 @AntequeraAirlanes
351 Aer Lingus Dublin A320
353 Air France Paris BCS3
355 Austrian Vienna A321 @RagonDragon
357 Croatia Airlines Split A319
358 Swiss Zurich A320
359 TAP Lisbon E190
360 Tui Paris Orly B738
451 Air Cairo Sharm El Sheikh A320
452 Luxair Luxembourg B737
453 Iberia Marid A321
455 IcelandAir Reykjavik B757 @anon87523340
456 Gulf air Bahrain A321
551 Egypt Air Cairo B738
553 Air Serbia Belgrade A320
554 Air Europa Madrid E190
555 Brussels Airlines Brussels A319
557 Cyprus Airways Larnaca A320
559 Finnair Helsinki A321 @YT_Sniegutizzz
621 Eurowings Cologne A320
622 Neos Almaty B738
623 Neos Corfu B738
624 Neos Skiathos B738
625 Wizz air Porto A320
651 Wizz Air Skiathos A320
653 Wizz Air Abu Dhabi A321
654 Wizz Air Prague A320
655 Wizz Air Tel aviv A321
657 Wizz Air Vilnius A321
659 Wizz Air Tirana A320
751 Wizz Air Madrid A321
752 Wizz Air London Gatwick A321 @AviatorLouis
753 Wizz Air Alexandria A321
754 Wizz Air Bacau A320
755 Wizz Air Budapest A320
756 Wizz Air Krakow A320
757 Wizz Air Athens A321
758 Wizz Air Amman A321
759 Wizz Air Kutaisi A320
760 Wizz Air Prishtina A320
761 Wizz Air Tallinn A320
762 Wizz Air Marrakesh A320
763 Wizz Air Jeddah A321
764 Wizz Air Olbia A320
Terminal 2
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
101 Easyjet Amsterdam A320
102 Easyjet Split A320
103 Easyjet Skiathos A320
104 Easyjet Rhodes A320
105 Easyjet Bordeaux A319
106 Easyjet Naples A320
107 Easyjet porto A319
108 Easyjet Prague A320
109 Easyjet Manchester A320
110 Easyjet Corfu A320
111 Easyjet Funchal A320
112 Easyjet Ibiza A320
113 Easyjet Kefalonia A320
114 Easyjet Palma de Mallorca A319
115 Easyjet Stockholm A320
116 Easyjet London Luton A320
117 Easyjet Faro A319
118 Easyjet Birmingham A320
Terminal 2 Remote stands
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
201 Ryanair Naples B738
203 Ryanair Santorini B738
204 Ryanair London Stansted B738 @yenier_Rodriguez
206 Ryanair Malaga B738
208 Ryanair Malta B738
210 Ryanair Palermo B738
212 Ryanair Porto B738
214 Ryanair Gran Canaria B738
216 Ryanair Dublin B738
218 Ryanair Valencia B738
220 Ryanair Tenerife-South B738
221 Ryanair Berlin B738
222 Ryanair Alicante B738
223 Ryanair Manchester B738
224 Ryanair Vienna B738
Cargo Ramp
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
702 Aliscargo Burgas B772 @Artemiypilot
706 DHL Leipzig B77F
707 FedEx Madrid B77F @Arnav_G
708 DHL Cincinnati B77F
709 Qatar Cargo London Stansted B77F @Ben_Walsh
710 DHL Barcelona B77F
711 DHL East Midlands B77F
712 Asiana Cargo Seoul B77F
713 Lufthansa Cargo Frankfurt MD-11
714 Korean Cargo Seoul B77F
715 UPS Cologne A332F
716 Turkish Cargo Istanbul A332F
717 FedEx Dubai MD-11
851 FedEx Memphis B77F
853 Cargolux Luxembourg B748F @Stephen_Day
855 Emirates Cargo Dubai B77F
857 Qatar Cargo Doha B77F
859 Saudi Cargo Riyadh B77F
861 Atlas Air Amsterdam B748F
863 Egypt Air Cargo Cairo A332F

Air traffic Control

Frequency User
ATIS @Aviation2929
Ground @Aviation2929
Tower @Aviation2929


  • I am not responsible for any Violations
  • Follow all ATC instruction
  • Act professional and Respectful
  • Have Fun
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I’ll take this one please!!

Moi, moi, moi,

insert better call Saul theme

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@Wonderousbuilder641 @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek you both are signed up 😜

Wait no that can’t possibly work

bombastic side eye

Or can it 🤔

@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek you can be my FO for the flight

That’s for sure.

See what I did


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This one please

@UALPilot Roger that

This one monsieur

@RagonDragon monsieur is french 😂
It would actually be Signor in Italian

Your signed up

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Can I have this please?

@MANDELA amazing choice

haha yeah i know i guess i should say Herr since i’m going to Austria 😉

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This but AlisCargo Boeing 777-200 to Burgas please,thank you!