3JAN21 / 2000Z - The Hawaiian New Year Flyout! @ PHNL

Hello all! This Flyout will be in the beautiful Islands of Hawaii and to celebrate the New Year! I would have done it on the 1st but that’s my birthday so I will do it on this day instead. so a Little background on the airport. Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) is one of the world’s largest, busiest and most beautiful airports, formerly known as Honolulu International Airport. Owned and operated by the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation, it covers 4,520 acres of fast and submerged land, and is larger than the major resort destination of Waikiki, which is located 10 miles to the south. HNL has four active runways, including the 12,000-foot Reef Runway which was the world’s first major runway built entirely offshore. The airport is served by international and domestic carriers, interisland airlines, and commuter airlines.


Honolulu Int’l Airport PHNL

2000Z 2021-01-03T20:00:00Z


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Note that these gates may not be accurate to their actual use


Domestic Gates
Airline            Aircraft      Route          Gate        Pilot
Southwest          737-800  Kailua-Kona PHKO     63         @zion89
Hawaiian           717-200       Hilo   PHTO     69        
Southwest          737-800       Lihue  PHLI     67
Hawaiian           717-200  Kaunakakai  PHMK     66
Hawaiian           717-200     Kahului  PHOG     64         @CaptainN
Sun Air Express Cessna 208      Lahaina PHJH     89
Sun Air Express Cessna 208   Lanai City PHNY     93

Note if you choose one of the Sun Air Express Routes use Air Caraibes Livery

Domestic Main Land Gates
Airline     Aircraft           Route          Gate       Pilot
Southwest   737-800        Oakland KOAK        12        @SWA1997  SWVA588
Southwest   737-800     Sacramento KSMF        13     
American    777-200ER      Chicago KORD        14
Delta       757-200     Los Angles KLAX        15        @ORD777flyer
Delta       757-200    Los Angles  KLAX        16        @JPC
Delta       757-200        Seattle KSEA        17        @nolan_brant12
United      757-200  San Fransisco KSFO        18        @Johnt30
United      757-200  San Fransico KSFO         19        @IF_KGRR 
Alaska      737-900       San Jose KSJC        20        @bbrockairbus
American    787-9           Dallas KDFW        21        @Aviation2929
Southwest   737-800      San Deigo KSAN        22        @XxNightFlyerxX
Alaska      737-900      Anchorage PANC        23        @Johhhn
American    757-200      Phoenix   KPHX        24        @Huzefa_Bohri
Hawaiian    767-300     Las Vegas  KLAS        25        
United      787-10         Houston KIAH        26        @United.sandwitch
United      777-300ER       Newark KEWR        27
Delta       777-200ER      Atlanta KATL        28        @JetBlue_48_DJT
United      A350-900         Miami KMIA        29        @WillHarris
United      757-200           Guam PGUM        30        @Deathsix
International Gates
Airline              Aircraft         Route        Gate         Pilot
Japan Airlines      777-200ER      Tokyo RJAA       02          @redacted
Philippine Airlines A350-900      Manila RPPL       03          @titto135
Air Tahiti Nui      787-9         Tahiti NTAA       04          @Tre_Dior
ANA                 787-10         Tokyo RJTT       05
Qantas              A380         Sydney  YSSY       06          @NZ_Flyer
Air New Zealand     777-300ER   Auckland NZAA       07          @sam.dus
Hawaiian            767-300       Seoul  RKSS       08
Air Canada          777-200LR Vancouver  CYVR       09          @Nee
Aeromexico          787-8    Mexico City MMMX       10
Air Canada          777-300ER    Toronto CYYZ       11
Cargo Gates
Airline      Aircraft        Route             Gate         Pilot
UPS          A330-200F   Louisville KSDF   CARGO UPS 01
FedEx        777-F          Memphis KMEM   CARGO FedEx 01
FedEx        777-F        Singapore WSSS   CARGO FedEx 02
Atlas Air    747-400      Riverdale KRIV   CARGO Pacific Air
UPS          MD-11F  San Bernardino KSBD   CARGO UPS 02
UPS          A330-200F    Hong Kong VHHH   CARGO UPS 03
UPS          MD-11F         Ontario KONT   CARGO UPS 04
Island Hop Route

This route will start at PHNL-PKMJ-PKWA-PTPN-PTKK-PGUM

Airline      Aircraft      Gate      Pilot
United       737-800       01A       @DeltaFox
United       737-800       01B       @Udeme_Ekpo
United       737-800       01C       @Andres_Arevalo

I will add more gates if needed

Historic Routes
Airline     Aircraft        Route       Gate       Pilot
United        747   San Francisco KSFO   31        @BenShore
Pam Am        747           Tokyo RJTT   32
Continental   DC-10    Los Angles KLAX   33
Northwest     747         Seattle KSEA   34
Delta         747    Osaka Kansai RJBB   54
Qantas        747         Sydney  YSSY   57
National Air  DC-10      San Jose KSJC   61
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Is it 1900Z or 3 pm Eastern time? Zulu and eastern are two different times during the winter there is a five hour time difference.

I’ll take a gate to Los Angeles Delta 757 please

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its 3PM eastern time, and I will add you right now.

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Ok so 2000Z 😃. And thank you

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757-200 United gate 18?

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You have been Added!

Can I get this one pls


@SWA1997 You have been added! Thanks for Joining!


I do this route quite often and thank u so much

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Np this was actually the last gate I added last minute since I decided I wanted to use gates 12 and 13

Ah then that’s perfect

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I would love to do the island hop on United, but I have screen time so that would be too much :(
Can I take gate 17 to Seattle though, also can you switch my aircraft to a Delta 757, they also use this on this route.

Thanks so much

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@nolan_brant12 Sure thing I just added you. also why does everyone like Delta 757s so much? this is the 2nd one I had to change to a Delta 757 XD

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Idk, I would say because of the rework

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I know because of the rework but why Specifically a Delta 757

Air New Zealand 777-300ER Auckland NZAA 08

Can I geht this ohne pls.

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Ill take this gate

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@sam.dus and @Aviation108 you both have been added, thanks for joining!

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I’ll take this please

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I’ll take this one

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