3JAN21 / 1800Z - The Great Grand Rapids Flyout @ KGRR

The Gerald R. Ford International Airport, is the airport serving the greater Grand Rapids area. With it’s six airlines operating out of its two concourses, it handled over 3.5 million people in 2019 alone. Grand Rapids is a focus city for Allegiant Airlines, with 16 year-round and seasonal routes. As of today passenger numbers are down by 50% and are slowly climbing back up. Last year the airport announced a new construction project to add-on to Concourse A, add an FIS shell to handle international traffic, and relocate the air traffic control tower to the east side of the airfield. Join me and other members of this great community in the great Grand Rapids Flyout!


Server: Expert

Airport: Gerald R. Ford International Airport (KGRR)

Time: January 3, 2021 1800Z

Concourse A
Gate Airline Route Aircraft Pilot
A1 Frontier Denver/KDEN A320 @Luke_Sta
A2 Allegiant Las Vegas/KLAS A320 @Antoniobig25
A3 Allegiant Savannah/KSAV A320 @Will_W
A4 Delta Detroit/KDTW 752 @Aviation108
A5 Allegiant Punta Gorda/KPGD A320 @TECHNICAL_GAMER
A6 Delta Atlanta/KATL A319 @
A7A Delta Connection Minneapolis/KMSP CRJ-700 @Cooper_Marcukaitis
A7B Delta Connection New York/KLGA CRJ-900 @Jonah_Rifkin
Concourse B
Gate Airline Route Aircraft Pilot
B1 United Denver/KDEN 752 @Adam_Reid
B2 United Chicago/KORD 738 New @IF_KGRR
B3 American Dallas/KDFW A320 @
B4 American Eagle Charlotte/KCLT CRJ-900 @
B5 Southwest Tampa/KTPA 737 Canyon @Francisco_busico_net
B6 Southwest Chicago/KMDW 738 Heart @KSS
Gate Airline Route Aircraft Pilot
Cargo Ramp 1 FedEx Memphis/KMEM 777F @thenewpilot
Cargo Ramp 2 FedEx Indianapolis/KIND MD-11F @Nee
Cargo Ramp 3 Air Force 2 Andrew’s AFB/KADW 752 @Joseph007
FBO Northern Air Private Teterboro/KTEB Citation X @

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to ask a question in the comments, or PM me @IF_KGRR! Also if you’d like to sub out an aircraft/route please let me know. Make sure you respect unicom or ATC, if they somehow end up at KGRR. Thank you!


Ill take this please!

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I’ll go ahead and take this gate

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I will take this one 😉

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This one please :)

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Gates are still open!

Gates are still open!!

Bruh, I was just about to create a KGRR Flyout :|


I’ll take this one, please!

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Sorry I wasn’t able to respond to anyone, I have just been super busy preparing for exams. But anyway thanks to all for signing up, and also @Cooper_Marcukaitis, funny how great minds think alike (LOL)!

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Might be odd, but can I grab Air Force 2 off to ADW? Not sure where you can put that, maybe by the Fedex apron. Let me know if this will fly :D

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@Joseph007 I’ll do that!

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It’d be GRAND if we had more sign-ups!

Ha ha ha, hilarious

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Join us on this GRAND flyout!

I’ll take this, but in a Frontier A320 over to Denver. Thanks! Been to GRR a few times over the past few years.


Nice, I’ll do that for you!

Featured flight, United 738 New to KDEN. The flight operates daily usually with an E175, but in the summer is operated by a mix of A319’s, 320’s, and 738’s. The route is also operated by Frontier and Southwest. The flight time is around 2.5 hrs!

FEATURED FLIGHT!!! Today’s featured flight is the Allegiant flight to Punta Gorda/KPGD. The flight is operated year-round by only Allegaint, competitors are only seasonal to Fort Myers/KRSW and are operated by Southwest and Frontier. The flight is about 2 hrs and 45 mins long, taking you over 5-6 states, and depending on the route over the smoky mountains.

As a former GR resident, I’ll attend this event and take United to ORD or DEN if available. LMK!

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