3FEB21 / 1900Z - A Group Flight Through the Northwest US @ KPDX

Bombardier Q400

Departure - KPDX Arrival - KSEA

12:00 MST

Training server

Please follow the same flight plan as me, > Justin Crabtree.

Our cruising altitude will be 12,000 ft.

Two different flights, Mateo.

Yeah, just realized that. Thanks

@Justin_Crabtree ignore what I’ve said. You’re good

Would you like to join me?

I’ll be busy. But thanks :)

Ok, if you get Unbusy in the next few hours, I’m doing the flight at 12:00pm MST

Do you want to join me?

I can do it.

What airline is it Alaska airlines

My call sign is BUBS

What gate should I be at

I can do it in 30 minutes

Hi Tommy,

I am just seeing this message. I was busy with highschool assignments all day. I’m so sorry if you really wanted to do a group flight!!

Let’s chat tomorrow, 2/04/21 and we can reschedule.
I promise we will have a fun flight soon!

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