3DEC23 / 1600Z-1500Z | Worst Landing competition @ OPKC |

Worst Landing Competition

Server: Training


Looking to have fun on Sunday? Join as at OPKC and test your skills for the Worst Landing Competition. Everyone can butter a landing what takes real skill is to intentionally jam your gears into the runway enough to warrant a hard landing inspection!

Event Rules:

  1. All aircraft will take-off and maintain a pattern around OPKC (Vectors maybe provided by ATC)

  2. All aircraft must ensure to have atleast 6NM of distancing.

  3. Hard Landing doesn’t mean you crash, a crashed attempt won’t be counted.

  4. All aircraft must follow pattern flying rules (The pattern will be decided on the event day , Right Traffic or Left)


Stand Airline Aircraft Pilot
Remote Stand 70 Ryan Air 737-800 @Captainhawkrige
Remote Stand 71 Spirit A320 @GUJJAR
Remote Stand 72 Airline Aircraft
Remote Stand 73 Ryan Air B737-800 @prestoni
Remote Stand 74 Airline Name Aircraft -


Ground : TBD
App. : TBD

Hoping to see you all at OPKC🙂


Definitely coming to this 😈

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Give me A321 of spirit airlines

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ill take the good old ryan air please

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We have decided to shift the event to Training server since its better that an ATC is present to vector aircraft better.

you got it

Event about to start guys only 5 minutes

@Prestoni you coming bro?

Sorry it was at 4am

Yeah the date thing had problems it’s actually 1600z

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