3DEC22 | 0100Z | Massive Mile High Flyout @KDEN

Please start pushing at 5:55pm mst

I will be pushing now to create the taxi route

Wouldn’t it be easier if we just taxied to different runways to create less traffic?


Scroll up a bit

For example use both 34s and 25 for departures @Butter575

Yes! Please taxi to Either 34L, 25, or 35L. Everyone can choose

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4 likes within a matter of seconds, dang lol

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In real life they are using RWY 08, 25, and 34L

Pushbacks can now be approved
Please be mindful of people around you


I assume both 8 and 25 bc of the northerly winds?

Can I still join?

Will ATC be around in the next 10 mins?

I am taxing to A79 from maintenance

I do not think ATC will be active. Please use Unicom Respectfully and Professionally

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Pushing now! I’ll take 34L

Yes you can.

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A320 just popped in behind me out of nowhere!

Move yo butt i need to push

I will be waiting for everyone who is on the north side of Concourse B.

was waiting for me engines

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