3DEC22 | 0100Z | Massive Mile High Flyout @KDEN

Everyone please have your flight plans ready

Oop 😐

Well then let’s hope

then they can just move down like the last 3 of us did

We gonna start using the 17s and 18s?

Or are we still using the same sides?


Departures are on 34L for B and C concourse
And 25 for A concourse

35L for cargo


Sounds good

I’m gonna go eat my sandwich. I’m assuming push is in 18 mins?

I’m gonna depart an hour late to be realistic with the IRL flight.

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Sounds good @United403!

Please no off subject Comments please! And do not clutter this chat unless you have questions

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What kind of sandwich?


@AviationJack please don’t

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Lol (ten char)

I’m sure there’ll still be plenty of action an hour from now too since DEN is still busy with today’s ATC schedule

@United403 they are also using runway 8 for takeoffs if that makes things easier.

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Won’t it be easier for concourse A to go for 34L ?

Please refer to this. I won’t be making any changes


Oh how I’d love to be landing on 34R right now. What a view from the right side of the plane! I tried a little while ago but was bumped to the 35’s

Just finished filing my flight plan to SFO. I’ll push in a few minutes.