3DEC22 | 0100Z | Massive Mile High Flyout @KDEN

I’ll take gate A34 please, KDEN-KSLC F9 879 A320neo (I’ll just use the A320-200). Thanks!

Which airline would u like

@United403 that’s Frontier

Thank you Thomas! I just remembered what F9 was

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Event Bump

Let’s get some more sign ups!!!

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No problem 👍

Yeah, noticed they are enforcing this all of a sudden, also, can I sponsor my event here?

Of course!! Thanks for sponcoring! Just send me the link

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Would you like to sign up for a gate as well

Yes, I’d like a United 737-900 to KLAS. 19NOV2022 // 1900Z - Sin City Flyout - @KLAS - #6 by Butter575 Here is the link

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Which gate?

Any gate works :)

I gave you B24

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Probably can’t make it or sign up but can I also sponsor this event too with my RJTT event?

Just list my name and link.

Of course, thanks for the 2nd sponcor


You can sign up if you’d like, and I’ll remove you when the event day nears if you can’t join

Could I do Southwest B737-700 from KSLC-KDEN?

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Do you have a gate preference

How about C27

Your all signed up