3DEC22 | 0100Z | Massive Mile High Flyout @KDEN

I wish I snuck in to your flight

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this is what they get on my flight lol


They had a refreshing orange juice while taxiing with a hot towel on the side

Curtisy of our friend
SAN spotter

Of course :)

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It’s gonna be lots of fun!

Got a nice tail wind to the UK

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I according to my calculations… it will be a 5 minute flight

Almost 160 now

Good job atc :/

Hey! I’d like a Frontier a319 to Las Vegas at Gate B34. Thanks!

Anyone else confused how this dude has just took a screenshot of his HUD and posted it on the community

Coming in for landing, assigned to B35! I see a lot of people have spawned in already!

This event has departed. but you are still free to depart!

Will ATC be active at 8:00 PM EST sharp?

Casually just passed a Q400

This event has concluded

Just took off. Since I set my flight plan before the runways changed, I’m turning around and flying north first. 10% of everyone’s tickets will be refunded for the delay 😬

That was 40 minutes ago…

Same here. Had written out plan for takeoff @35L lol