3DEC22 | 0100Z | Massive Mile High Flyout @KDEN

Woah 17L departures now

now i have to wait for ATC to let me go

Runway change everyone


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there’s 0kts so i dont think it matters

Cheers to everyone who joined! Have safe Flights

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Hey, I just realised that I had signed up twice, I will be going to KOKC in an E175, so can you please remove my flight to KMIA?

and mine

Your just gonna ditch us like that lol

Organized chaos.


*barely organized

I do apologize for the runway change. I was mit expecting it. Please taxi to 17R from the north taxiway

@A320_Flyerboy19 bro respond, no one else has said anything.

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well good thing i got out while i did

Good thing I just took off 😬

Wait so we’re not using the southern ends?

It was a whole runway change

I see. In that case I’ll taxi to 16R

17R and 17L are currently for Departures, 16L and 16R are for landings.

now that i’m airborne, there’s no lag!