3DEC22 | 0100Z | Massive Mile High Flyout @KDEN

Welcome to the community! Feel free to spawn wherever you want when the event starts

@KevinBrink993 only D Hardstands are available for widebody aircraft.

B737-800, KDEN-KLAX United airlines, Gate B39

@Zahir_Hutchinson Roger that

2 and a half hours until the event. Can’t wait!

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Make sure to sign up for my other events! I hope to make the others as busy as Denver


Sponsor the sponsors too lol, ahem mine
cna u link them all pls, i think my cleveland is sponsoring this


Exactly what this man said

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Please spawn in for the event at 2022-12-04T00:35:00Z


This only works for pms btw

Very appreciated
What should I use to ping?

Don’t bother pinging everyone. That will take forever

Oh hell yes! thats the literally the exact time I arrive at Denver! Thanks for the awesome timing

My Guesses are getting better and better

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Indeed! I’m right on time

If you have not pressed going please do so :)

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Because of all the amazing IFC users that are going… I have reached 93 which is an IFC record 🎉

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I’m gonna spawn at 5:15pm so I don’t lose my gate.

Ok! Sounds good

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Pushbacks will be approved at users discretion at 6pm Sharp

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