3d terrain in the nordic region

I dont know if this has been brought up already but i think it would be great to get atleast 3d terrain around the nordic region. The line where the 3d terrain stops is just south of OSL and HEL and so atleast around OSL there is a huge wall looking border and that limits the flights there. Also the nordic region has alot of beautiful hill and mountain regions and they are now missed due to this. I hope this will bring awareness and maybe change :)

Unfortunately, Infinite Flight does not currently support topographical data above the 60th parallel north. This causes the terrain to be flat in multiple areas, not just OSL and such.

I’d recommend taking a look at the following blog post, written by IF themselves.

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Hello! I understand your point, but the developers don’t have data that covers there.
Read here https://infiniteflight.com/blog/flying-north-of-60/

I though that was a glitch in their system…

Yes i have read this before but its almost 2 years ago and i havent seen any news since so just thought that they might have stopped searching or smth lmao

That’s because there’s no news to share. The situation have barely changed in terms of data availability for the past decade or more.



I’m so disappointed that we haven’t even received a decent update on the situation for a while.

IF can’t make terrain magically appear. Please see Seb’s reply above.

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Do the others sims have a completely flat Iceland?

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Check out the blog post. Infinite Flight can’t make things SRTM Data doesn’t have.

Aha i understand i just thought of this cause i did some work for my LAPL and found a full chart thing for the terrain here in Finland and thought that maybe there has been an update for the data but it may be only a thing here, anyways thanks for the info :)

Charts are one thing. That’s available.
What’s required for this is something completely different.

I guess chart is a wrong thing but its like a “map” thingy sorry i cant really describe it but school sims here use it

Just to clarify, the data itself exists. Of course.
However, not the correct kind that can be applied in a way that would work.

It’s not like i would defend us not having it, if there was a way. Half of my country is flat. How fun is that? Lol.


Yea oh well lets hope there will be a change atleast in the next 100 or so years lmao

It’s a real shame in my opinion the mountains are the best scenery in the sim.

I completely agree with you. Iceland, Canada, Alaska, large part of Scandinavia etc have amazing sceneries.


Canada has mountains? Outside of British Columbia

Also Greenland