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First, I must say that yes, you all want 3D terminals to add realism, There are pros, like you get to practice parking, because there would be gates. However, this makes parking a challenge and some people could be annoyed. I guess you could use the aprons. With 3D terminals, it would be harder to see across the airport. Problem solved: use the map. Some people, however, are not accustomed using the map to taxi. A third issue: crashes. Since 3D terminals would probably be a feature you could not go through, unlike other players, many people would crash. This presents an issue for mostly new people who are inexperienced with the controls and have difficulty moving around. Now we move on to the 4th and final issue: lag. Most servers would be extremely slow. On some occasions, busy maps like London or SoCal would crash. Even Solo mode would have issues. So yes, they might look great, but there are many cons that come with the addition of 3d terminals.


And people scaring the crap out of you in SoCal when they fly through the terminal at you when you didn’t know they were even there

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I don’t think servers would lag much. Terminals would only appear at major airports like KLAX or KMIA. You could change it back to no terminals via IF’s settings. They would just be mere meshes in the game; they would have no collision physics, and textures wouldn’t have maximum detail. Thus, if terminals were this way in IF, the terminals would only add detail, and cons would be eliminated.

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How many people have made topics like this? All negative.


Well, there would probably be a button that says:

3D Buildings: On/off

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Let’s make a few things clear here:

  • Servers are not the cause of slow gameplay. Any degraded performance is caused by your device.
  • Maps do not crash. Again, this is related to your device.

Now, in the hypothetical situation that FDS releases 3D buildings, they would be optimised to run properly on as many devices as possible. They pride themselves on creating a high-quality mobile product. Something that causes frequent crashes on mobile devices will not be released (performance is one of the many reason as to why Infinite Flight does not have 3D buildings at this moment in time).


in addition there should be jet ways

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