3D Propellers When Fully Started

Hello guys,

Have you ever noticed how propellers are 2D when spinning? This is something that has always bothered me, and that is now even more noticable because of the engine start feature.

Go into Infinite Flight and spawn into any prop aircraft: C130, Q400, Cessna 172, etc. Start the engines and notice how the nice 3D propellers suddenly change to a 2D model when fully started

Here is a comparison between a starting and started propeller:20171105_094629
Shouldn’t it still have a 3D side profile?

This should be rather easy to add, as the model already exists. It would also be much more realistic.

What do you guys think?

Never noticed but sounds like a good idea!


Nothing wrong with it, its how they operates in real life. Its called Feathering, is when the prop change pitch angle.

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Even with the feathering, the prop is still 3D. Not paper thin like it is in Infinite Flight.


I understand you point, but we can’t expect to have everything in the simulator to be as detailed as IRL. They’ve done an excelent job with the engine on/off. But you’re still right, its paper thin.


I understand that, but with the current level of detail on the aircraft, something as simple as 3D props should exist.

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