3D problems

Hello everyone! I don’t usually make support categories but I had some trouble yesterday. I was attempting to fly out of the new 3D Incheon airport. I was flying a Thai 787-8 to Bangkok, I tried twice to take off, but right before takeoff, my game crashed. I had all my graphics on low so this would not happen. Anything helps!

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Please can you provide some more info - such as what device you use.

And just to clarify, ALL your settings are on low, including the 3D Building density setting.

I use the Ipad Mini 2, and yes, All my graphic settings are on low.

Also check if anti aliasing is on, if yes turn it off, and turn down the Aircraft Count on Live. I hope this works :)

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Thanks, but Anti aliasing is off for me and my airplane count in already on low…

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Try setting it to None, and tell me the outcome afterwards.
Also is your FPS at 30?

Happy to help, always!


Ok will try that! Thanks! And yes, my FPS is at 30.

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It worked, thanks so much!

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Issue resolved