3D Printed Model Airplanes - Suggestions?

Hello, IFC!

I’ve just recently recieved a 3D Printer from my uncle. I’m going to make model airplanes from it, and maybe sell them online. Give me some suggestions on what I should make first?

Printing them means they’re created in one solid color. Please do not suggest liveries, that would be impossible to make.

I’ll be keeping a list of suggestions!

Southwest 727 with gold livery

I can’t do actual liveries. That would be quite impossible.

Ok then just a 727

Piper Cherokee or Cessna 172

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What scale will these planes be?

Hello there, are you talking about in #real-world-aviation or #general, I am slightly confused.

I’m not sure. Not very big. Maybe 1:500.

General, since it’s not real-world aviation.

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#general is only for Infinite Flight.

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