3D Modeling for Infinite Flight

Hello and good day lads, I don’t know if this topic is supposed to be on live or somewhere else but yeah.
The reason I’m here today is to ask some of you guys a question that you guys might have an answer to, currently I have been doing a lot of 3D Modeling for aircraft’s that very from fictional to real world planes including modeling buildings.
I was also told by one of the pilots from IF that there could be people of this IFC community who have experience in 3D Modeling and that they can modify the airport’s. Is there any such community like that, that will happen in the near future or are we still waiting for the answer. I have just recently modeled Tirana Airport.

Both of the screen shots are from the program called blender, and this is the modeled version of Tirana Airport


Hey, that’s really awesome!

Unfortunately the 3D airport development system in Infinite Flight is currently unknown or kept confidential. Though there is currently no way to share your 3D development work with the developers, the best we can do this point is let them do what they do best; find a solution.

I’m sure somewhere down the road there are plans to allow community members to design their airports (similar to IFAET), but if there any plans for this they have been kept unannounced.



As of right now, we have IFAET (Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team) as for 3D airports or modeling of aircraft, that is only devs

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As cool as this is, unfortunately 3D modeling is not something that Infinite Flight is actively seeking at the moment. As Pingu mentioned there is airport development being done internally and more information will be shared about this at a later time. Until then, we kindly ask that you remain patient and understand that with this new feature that there will be some growing pains as IF devs and staff continue to figure out how to best tackle this.