3D Landmarks

Hello Everyone,

As I’m not a member and can’t make a topic about features I thought I’ll just express it here and see if people like the idea and someone could make it into a topic :

It would be cool to have national landmarks in different regions for example : departing out of Paris - you can see the Eiffel Tower / departing out of Rio : seeing Christ the Redeemer

I think this would be a great way to start implementing 3D buildings in the future…

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Please check the following topic and cast your vote there:


I was more talking about the historical landmarks in different regions like the capitals.

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Then you can also vote here:

Plenty of Features requests out there. Suggest searching before requesting something that has already been requested. 😊


Hi there! That’s a really interesting request, but unfortunately rules remain rules. You will make TL2 with active, good contributions to the IFC in no time.


Yep that’s what I was looking for thank you! :D I’m gonna vote now

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