3D In N Out burger building request

I know this is a long shot, but in the future this would be pretty cool, a 3D version of In N Out at LAX! It would look really cool plane spotting from there on Infinite Flight!

Yes, i know lots of other things are a main priority to the developers now such as the new airports which are being added with 3D, but this would be really cool as an add on to an update some time!

I believe it already exists at KLAX


i dont think so

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In & Out is already 3D in the sim, it was brought with the 21.1. If you want a more detailed one, you have to wait and see!

It is right behind 24R off to the side (sort of), it has a “modeled” parking lot, as in cars parked.


Yes, its small and barely noticeable but its there

There currently is an In-N-Put at LAX. You’ll see the building off the right side of runway 24R. It’s a small building with vehicles lined up around it.

It’s just doesn’t have the In-N-Out logo because of copyright issues.

just that i dont have 3D stuff yet

What exactly do you mean?

Here it is.

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For your viewing pleasure:


my device is not compatible with the update, because i have a 32 bit device

Ahhh, you are on the latest version, well sadly, if you can’t get the latest version, then buildings won’t appear for you.

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yeah, getting the Tab S7 soon!

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Nice! In that case, wait it out, In-n-Out is waiting for you!

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Going off of what @AlaskaAirfireball111 said. It’s unlikely you’ll receive the latest update as it’s limited to 64 bit devices.

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got to save up another $500 lol

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yeah, saw the notification that my device is not compatible on my device from the Play store

could you send me some 3D pics of all the airports, so i can pretend i have got 3D airports LMAO

Thats quite a project haha

I could PM them to you