3D Force Touch Screen


Just wondering, are the developers considering taking advantage of the new 3D Force Screen technology in Infinite Flight?


As far as I (currently) know, they are not.

The 3D Force Touch will be available only on Apple devices, Samsung will most likely introduce it as well (-.-), but the Devs must also consider that there are a lot of users not buying a new device every year.


Yeh would be very useful for Braking. Slam on those brake for abarted take-off.


Yes, but there are also a lot of us that will upgrade every year and that this technology is most likely here to stay.


It is indeed interesting technology and could be used for things like brakes or more precise instrument bar management. The issue is that we would most likely have to support this specifically for Apple.

Feel free to suggest ideas of how it could be used.


I would prefer having more options from the Brakes button.
• Parking Brakes
• 1
• 2
• 3

3D Force Touch could be used for the Rudder switch.
Hard press for nose wheel steering, “normal” press for rudder movements only. Or vice versa.
Would make crosswind takeoffs and landings easier.


Pressing throttle to activate TO/GA? (whatever the speed set to)


Tell me how you can reach mid screen with your fingers to type on this giant computer. This ipad pro is a fail. Becuase how do your hands reach mid keyboarn on the keys like ghtfyvb keys or do you have 6.5 insh long fingers :!


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Because you use homerow keys. (If your a good typer)


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What about something such as pressing harder/longer to select an option where you could then drag from waypoint to waypoint (or airway) to create a flight plan quicker?


We don’t have any rotary knob, you must have thought of that it’s not practical in touch screen. You could create full auto brake set and by pressing the button long the knob keep turning to next selection and makes knob click sound. I think we are alright with double selection knob, we got finger gestures for max-min selection


I have the iPhone 6+ now, buy as soon as I hear that Infinite Flight supports Force Touch, I am driving to the nearest Apple Store to buy (or lease) the new 6S+. ;-)


I know its not it but u get the point