3D for Hatay

In view of the fact that we experienced one of the most terrible earthquakes in Turkey, I would like to advocate that we get a 3D airport for Hatay. A little consolation from and for the community. Happy flights to you all.


Hey there!

This is a great suggestion for a new 3D airport! However, at this time, the scenery editing team does not take requests for 3D airports. With the goal being to have all airports in the world 3D at some point, though, you can rest assured that it will be built and included in a future update.

I sincerely hope you and everyone around you are in good health following the tragic events that took place.


Please take a look here:

I hope that you and your relatives are safe following this tragic event.


Hiya! Thanks for the suggestion, please make sure to follow the advice above and read this:

Have a great day and I hope you and everyone around you stay safe.


Nice suggestion! Take a small look to Project Turkiye 😉


Thank you for your kind words. It was never my intention to speed up the construction of 3D airports in Turkey, especially since some cities have all but disappeared from the map or will.

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