3D Flight planner

As we know we have a Globe but I think it would be cool if we could also have a 3D mode which would allow us to plan step climbs and see the altitude.

What we would have is a button next to the glob saying 3D then when you click it the 3D map appears but the button changes to 2D. I apologize if i have this the wrong way around but i think i do .

The boxes above could show us cloud layers when they are added and the fog level altitudes per box will help too see exactly where the weather is and possibly high wind or low winds. As time pasts maybe in the next few years and clouds get better and better this would be a very useful tool to see different types.

There might be other helpful things that could be added into it but those are all i can think of.
This is why I created this because i think this would be awesome to see. It might take a lot of work to produce but maybe we can see it in future.

(I do not have any votes left and im not freeing one up just yet)

Hmm, I’m not sure how this would work. If you think about it, they would have to create an individual view for every airport in the game, and I think for that, it is not worth it.

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Im sure there can be a different way around that. There is always multiple solutions

There are lots of apps available for download that you could use

Not all people want to be downloading multiple apps

But it would mean the devs won’t have to spend a lot of effort on something already easily accessible

Its just an idea not all features have to become real. Dont forget they devs can do whatever they want even if its not from the community


I fully understand that


We do have a 3d flight replay section with liveflight and Google maps… But you need a subscription.