3D Day At LAX

Server: Training

Airport: KLAX

Aircraft: B777-300


With 3D airports being added, I decided to dabble with the new face of IF. Lots of great opportunities for cool screenshots and these pictures almost make things seem like they were taken in real life. Now I am no photographer so please do not expect much from these pictures. But enjoy!

Parked At The Gate

Taxiing From A Passenger Standpoint

Lined Up And Ready To Roll

Lift Off Sunrise Pt. 1

Lift Off Sunrise Pt. 2

Switching It Up To Daytime

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures. Happy 21.1 🚀


The black gate in the first photo looks sick!!!

Can’t believe almost everyone can play with all the graphics at high:(


You actually got people to hold short for you on training server!? 🤯

I know you’re telling me haha. I was expecting chaos but I guess everyone there at the time wanted to fly organized!

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Yes, usually 30% people on TS are trolls
The number is only about 5% during beta
I only fly on training
So yes, it’s a reliable source 😉

Great pictures!
The departure pics were


Amazing shot!!!

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