3D cockpit view moving on final

I tried five times to land in a storm in Düsseldorf (we have a very strong storm with gusts of wind) each time the landing failed not because of the bad weather but because on the final after the AP is turned off you have to intensively rudder the sides and To actuate the throttle and if you suddenly miss a tap, the whole cockpit twists and the landing is gone, a double tap doesn’t help. For years was begging to IF to turn off the 3D cockpit view moving at least on final no result. So incredibly annoying!!!

I suggest using HUD instead, easier then 3D Cockpit and it doesn’t move or anything.


As long as it’s available as option in the settings then I recon not many would object. Otherwise, the cockpit view would feel like the real life HUD where pilots can’t move their heads during approach - something we already have actually.

(Plot twist: I just almost crashed due to this same issue yesterday, for the nth time in my years in IF lol! Solution: deep breaths… deep breaths…😅)

i use HUD most of the time because it makes for smoother landings. but with the cockpit it makes it seem a lot harder landing than it actually is

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For me the realistic cockpit view is the A and O!

Yes deep breath. I almost destroyed my device because of infernal anger…

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