3D Cities and airports

Hey there! As the title say I would like the devs to work on 3D Cities and maybe airport buildings in the future. I know that 3D buildings would be quite hard to create and input to a mobile online flight simulator but 3D Cities would be very easy to make! In the games there’s already 3D terrain and scenery, that they took from google earth and putted it in the game so why cant they just do the same with cities and more terrain so we can get 3D Cities and trees etc into the game! The’ve already did it with the scenery such as mountains and stuff like that so why not do it with cities?
Just imagine you are on approach to Los Angeles LAX airport and you see this

Or on approach or taking off from Genoa!

Not the best example pictures but you get it! Vote for this so the devs can see this!
Thank you for taking your time to read this!

Please check before posting a duplicate feature.

This is the best place to contribute, your suggestion could be added there. Given it’s got so many votes it’s not logical to make a new request.

Vote for it here:

our mobile devices only have so much power and this would greatly tax that capacity when it could be used to add more things like physics

Well they brought Fortnite to mobile…

Anyways let’s bring this over to the other thread haha

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All of the above… 🙃

Well mostly