3D buildings!

Does anyone know when the 3D buildings update will come? Not the public beta, but the actual public update.

Infinite Flight does not announce release dates as all is subject to change. So, no, no one knows.

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Probably this week I say

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I think it will release in this week

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When it’s ready. The point of beta is to find bugs and fix them so they don’t make it into the release. This takes as long as it takes.

Although unlikely at this late stage, it’s still entirely possible that a major bug could be found which delays the release significantly. This is why release dates aren’t announced.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep. :)


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When it’s ready, problems can sprout up at any time in betas and can delay the full release, project metal has a lot of new stuff in it, so there is at least 1 issue, no program is 100% perfect. There are some bugs that have been reported, like ground vehicles changing color, the 787 landing gear problems, and some 3d objects disappearing. Not to be rude but, please wait patiently, have a nice day.

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