3D Buildings

yes if this update would just like this with all 3d buildings and stuff like that in xplane o even better then if would get played more and be entertaining.

I’m interested of the idea/concept of adding 3D buildings 🏢 to Infinite Flight but that might increase the amount of Megabytes for the app.

I think they would stream the buildings through internet

Maybe that can also work too 👍

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Something similar to this would be really cool!


That’s really nice! But what game is the photo from?

X-Plane mobile

I have X-Plane mobile too and I think Infinite Flight should definitely do the same with the 3D buildings.

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One day if IF can add something similar like this in mobile OMG


Most mobile devices aren’t able to handle those graphics

Key word: One day.


It will still probably be a while for mobile devices to be that good still.

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Why isn’t this feature request closed? 3D buildings are in development, are they not?

This topic is opened for discussion, hopes and opinions. The development of 3D buildings is still in very early Work In Progress, without any trace of an official announcement on the social media platform. So there is no reason to close the topic down so far.

Would love to see Infinite Flight start with the Terminal buildings.


My theory is this:

They’ll start with the announcement of “3D building are in development** (exciting image of it) WIP

And they’ll make an article saying something like The challenges that this brings, performance announcements, etc.

I’m sure that they will start with the most important and requested airports for example: **Los Angeles ** New York Mexico City London Heathrow Singapore Sydney etc.

With the basic things like terminals, hangars and maintenance areas might come in a later update.

After they covered 90% of the most important airports they will start with the Boarding bridges or passengers bridges I don’t remember how they’re called xd, after that might come with 3D vehicles 🚗 .

But this I predict that is going to take about 2 to 3 years of intense development but it’s possible of course.


Aerobridges / Jet bridge ;)


Thanks, haha 😆


I would see it feasible that they make, for example, in a first version the 3D structures only the busiest airport in each country (this in the case of those that are not so busy) … always taking into account the busiest airports in Infinite Flight like new york or los angeles, that would be my recommendation. For example … in Chile in the beginning 3D structures only for SCEL … the busiest airport there. In Peru the busiest airport is SPJC, and in Paraguay SGAS … I hope I have well expelled my idea

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if i knew which version of if this is i would be able to get pictures

Maybe they should allow community members to help with the development of this… 👀