3D Buildings


I don’t think it competes with computer based sims unless you’re looking for a beginner start or simple multiplayer. The reason I play it is because of the multiplayer and the low maintenance and casualness of it.


tbh 3d buildings would be cool but it will make other things take longer such as a a330 rework etc


i don’t like, the idea not because it’s bad but it’s useless


I don’t know what you mean @Adelaide_Aviation


Wouldent the aircraft in infinite flight and the moving cockpit displays be 3D because on the A-10 they have to make a whole new mesh for the moving dials and everyhting else that moves on the aircraft


Possibly, although I’m not a programmer so 🤷‍♂️.


Same here but i think for everything you make in a game that’s 3D there has a to be a mesh (or not) a mesh is something you start off with it could be a block or a circle and you shape it with special tools I’ve done it before but not on IF and later on you colour it and you ad objects such as wheel’s and you need to program them such as binary code 1010110110011, of course, that’s not the code for making wheels move but binary is probably one of the easiest for me and the devs probably dont use binary but you get what i mean


This is just for reference I saw on a video, but this would be so cool if their were certain 3D buildings or landmarks in The big cities in IF, like this in Shanghai for example. Has my vote for sure!!


It would be cool to see New York City or Dubai if we can do that.


I agreee great idea


Definately ATC tower and taxiway/landing lights


Not paying more than £10 per month for a pro


If X plane 10 mobile and Aerofly Has em IF will have em just five the devs some time :))) the wait is worth it


I really do love the concept of infinite flights buildings in 2014 it was an amazing teaser so sad to see it put on the shelf.