3D Buildings


tbh 3d buildings would be cool but it will make other things take longer such as a a330 rework etc


i don’t like, the idea not because it’s bad but it’s useless


I don’t know what you mean @Adelaide_Aviation


Wouldent the aircraft in infinite flight and the moving cockpit displays be 3D because on the A-10 they have to make a whole new mesh for the moving dials and everyhting else that moves on the aircraft


Possibly, although I’m not a programmer so 🤷‍♂️.


Same here but i think for everything you make in a game that’s 3D there has a to be a mesh (or not) a mesh is something you start off with it could be a block or a circle and you shape it with special tools I’ve done it before but not on IF and later on you colour it and you ad objects such as wheel’s and you need to program them such as binary code 1010110110011, of course, that’s not the code for making wheels move but binary is probably one of the easiest for me and the devs probably dont use binary but you get what i mean


This is just for reference I saw on a video, but this would be so cool if their were certain 3D buildings or landmarks in The big cities in IF, like this in Shanghai for example. Has my vote for sure!!


It would be cool to see New York City or Dubai if we can do that.


I agreee great idea


Definately ATC tower and taxiway/landing lights


Not paying more than £10 per month for a pro


If X plane 10 mobile and Aerofly Has em IF will have em just five the devs some time :))) the wait is worth it


I really do love the concept of infinite flights buildings in 2014 it was an amazing teaser so sad to see it put on the shelf.


I would really, really like 3D building and maybe jetways, but only on the large international airports otherwise the game would get far too laggy. They could just add them on airports like Heathrow, JFK, Los Angeles, Manchester, Dubai, Schipol, those kind that are really large international hubs. I really do wish they would add the buildings, and perhaps a fine for hitting another plane?


We are in the future and nothing 😂


@KyleDepra X-Plane 10 mobile and Aerofly has’nt Global so Infinite Flight have much much more Sencery to make buildings to.


I think that this is a great goal for the dev team. I understand this will be a very challenging problem to tackle, but this concept of 3D buildings should not be blown up or out of context. The IF dev team is a truly fantastic team, and they have accomplished a serious amount of requests and other undertakings. There is no need to take this to X-plane 10 level. X-plane 10 does have amazing scenery, but IF compensates for that with their unsurpassed global and high definition aircraft textures etc.

In my mind, we really should only need 3D buildings for the largest/most popular airports, specifically the ones that are used as the featured airports for the IFATC Schedule. Then another great touch would be landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Burj Khalifa, Golden Gate Bridge, The Pyramids of Egypt and other significant landmarks across the world.

My device handles X-plane 10 with rather ease, so I don’t see why other people’s devices should not be able to handle 3D buildings on a smaller scale (as in less buildings). Also I don’t have any hardcore max spec iPad Pro or anything like that. If people would truly have issues with lag and that sort, then there could always be an option to toggle the buildings on or off or have less 3D buildings.

I really hope to see this sort of update in the future, near of far! Cheers!


This would definitely help, but, that means all of the extra scenery would be downloaded on your device.

I would think a better option would be where you can only download 3D buildings at certain airports, so you only use the space on your phone for the airports that you use the most.

Definitely a good idea, and I think this is on their agenda, but there is some priorities over this feature at the moment.

Once it seems like the logical time to add 3D buildings (Like when iPads and electronic devices, in general, get more powerful. And, when the developers find in necessary to add,), I will vote.



I would love that… in the Q&A someone asked if their were 3d buildings and terminals in the upcoming plans. Although I don’t remember IF’s exact response, I do remember them saying yes!


I agree sky textures… especially with clouds and at night is high on my priority list.