3D Buildings


Good idea but a lot of devices cant handle it.


That could be an option to give more realism IF


Indeed…of course there are many variables around whether or not it is doable based on the way IF is currently developed as well as the need to preserve usability on older devices.

The old device compatibility issue will probably be the most likely cause of any delay in moving into this area as it would prevent loyal customers and fans from enjoying IF unless they upgrade their device which wouldn’t be fair.

Having said that, I wonder how many people wouldn’t mind a slightly more expensive subscription for all the added 3D effects? Personally I wouldn’t mind paying a little more per month for it. If that were to happen, it would at least make enough of a business case for FDS to open the door of discussion and perhaps consider rolling it out sooner for those with devices that are capable.

Would you mind paying a little more per month on top of your subscription to be able to activate/see the 3D maps/cities on your newer/able device?

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  • No

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this is an already made topic


No,I will not pay more, really ?
I think we are already paying way too much for what we have….

That my opinion. No shade.

Someone didn’t notice “no shade”


Well Devs need that money to keep the game going and if they dont have money they cant work on anything else. It comes at a price.


I understand and of course your opinion is what we’re after here so thanks for sharing it.

To help collate people’s opinions in a concise way, I created the poll for people to voice their opinions, could I ask that you add your “No” vote to it?


With all the pilots there in the servers, I think with all them subscriptions it more than enough !
(In a cheaper price)


Right, except we are talking specifically about those pilots who don’t own the latest phone or tablet, capable of running the upgraded graphics rather than the actual servers themselves.


Also they Have to use the money they earn to Get food// Pay Bills// Mortgage. and even Pay off their own house which leave time for no new toy// Iphone. (just saying in my be half giving details why they cant have a new phone if you’re wondering)


Alright guys, lets not get completely off-topic here


Hmm Ok, I understood since your first answer the second one is useless but ok ! (I think they have also a second job…)

By the way. Let’s go back to the topic,I hope it will come it’s such good idea thanks for this idea about the Buildings !


Uhhm this is the topic you are on.


@SpeedPlayz my cousins took my phone sorry


Undoubtedly the older phones and tablets will be phased out and Apple will stop servicing them. The newer phones are getting better and better performance wise. I don’t see building as that much of an issue anymore. Our phones now have more computing power than most computers a few years ago.


First of all this is like the 100th time ive seen a ‘3d buildings’ post and second the game is about flying not buildings lol…


Would love to see 3D buildings in the game. Left a vote :)


How about suggesting flying 3D buildings?


This “simulator” has become way more than just a flying game. There is a realism to infinite flight that is unmatched anywhere on a mobile platform, and even competes with computer based sims in my opinion. Getting off the ground and seeing the beautiful images throughout the flight, it takes us into another world. Adding buildings, terminals, and other structures, would only multiply this experience tenfold!


Yes I agree its become a flying AND blurry scenery game…