3D Buildings


Obviously, this would be an amazing feature to have in IF. However, their are a few conflicts I believe that could prevent this from happening.

  1. FDS is a relatively small team and to build/ design thousands and thousands of airports/ terminals around the world would be very hard and almost unrealistic

  2. A lot of devices would struggle to run this. Sure the iPad Pro’s and iPhone X’s would likely have no problem but older, less powerful devices I could defenitely see having an issue with this

To sum up, 3D buildings would be awesome in IF, but I just think an a330 rework or taxiway lights is a lot more likely…


Sorry for that didn’t know


They did global and it turned out great. So what could be bad for buildings?

If I am not mistaken, some people have suggested that an option to have 3D buildings or not in game settings.


I just think that designing thousands of unique airports around the world would be very hard, and you are correct, FDS is an incredible team I just think that this is unlikely to be added soon, I never said never though.


Well not soon, but it could happen! ;)
All I can say is that it should be easier than global.


Yep, I could see FDS only designing buildings for Major Hubs, and have members of the community edit these buildings and terminals, kinda like airport editing.


Yeah actually thinking the same thing!


Yep, FDS has defied the odds before, let’s see if they can do it again!


Then why not have an option to disable it enable, then the older phone won’t have this issue forever.


I really hope this gets added. I understand that it won’t get added right away, but within the next 12-18 months.


That seem s a little to soon also please dont speculate. No one will know unless they say in Announcement category so keep and eye out.


Well, mountains in IF are also ‘3D’. So I’m pretty sure that our devices could run it to a certain extent.
Though I’m not an expert at this kind of stuff…


The Casual server is the literal definition on why this won’t be a good idea.


Yes but they are not buildings they are just scenery. just because its up high dosent mean that its like a building. I could be wrong.


Yeah I would totally have them do really buildings mean and fix this runway lights in the populates I mean really sucks I can barely taxi at night because the landing light staying on the runway lights are really dimm and there’s no 3-D terminals with lights out of them so I can taxi did those in there’s no jet bridge for people “to get off “No airport control tower either so you can use that as a reference point until some airports by the control tower such as London Heathrow and Dubai International


Ooh… Imagine seeing Istanbul New Airport :o


I remember seeing that when it was new the good old days


But tbh it’s pretty a good thing to add on operation at night is usually hard No taxiway lights Runway lights which are there are really dim and It’s extremely difficult


Very interesting development from Google recently which brings us one step closer to a real world experience in full 3D on our current devices specifically designed for gaming platforms.

Fingers crossed FDS can use this to fulfil their goals and perhaps start (slowly) rolling out 3D airport terminals before moving onto the surrounding areas and cities.


I think back in 2015 when this was made it would not have worked, but handheld devices are getting waaaaay more powerful, so I think 3D buildings could work in the near future.