3D Buildings


There could be option to render the 3D airport buildings


Technology has evolved quickly therefore it would safe to assume 3D buildings to become an asset in a few years, if the phone and tablet is maxed out on storage, ram and everything. Likewise global a wait will be contrived.


Wow, buildings gotta love them right? With the right coding and programming, this could actually work!


We could potentially one day see 3D buildings. It would take an immense amount of work, but the possibilities are endless. As devices get stronger and programming gets better, adding them in will get easier and easier.
Eventually, I would love to see this in IF! I don’t think we’ll see it anytime soon unfortunately, but one day…We’ll see I guess.


Yes! And who knows. Maybe there will be a way to program large obj’s into IF with little storage or memory capacity!


The thing is that the game will get super heavy


Ive always wonderd if you edited infinite flights airport there should be site to do that and i wanted to add buidings but i never got around to it because i have Xplane 11 it has an library of objects but idk if it would work.


Yeah. Maybe in the future or something that could be possible. Only time will tell though. :)


I think that this is a possibility for Infinite Flight but I they they should start with baby steps, this is because of what @MrMrMan said

.first add the terminals for big airports, EGLL,KLAX etc and the add more terminals for more smaller airports, then once they’ve added loads of terminals they can add the skyscrapers in the big cities and then finally, buildings as far as the eye can see


To be quite honest I love Infinite Flight and the FDS team does such great work! That being said I don’t think there in a place right now to take on such challenge, with the size of there team and specs of current devices. That’s what I think but you guys have no idea how much I want to be wrong about all of this.


I think it’s going to be a long while before we see cities but airport buildings a yes yes


Infinite Flight tweeted this a little while ago. Nothing legitimate but thought I’d stir up the crowd. Although the tweet may be referring to the particles or live cockpits.


If this comes out and the topic XX.X release comes out Imagine what the chat will be like 😂


It’s pretty good though. Particles could lead to clouds, live cockpits to realism and aircraft, and 3D buildings as buildings!


Yes but think of this they need to do the entire world with building and have them in the right spot…


I wouldn’t say the entire world. If they did thought, probably just terminals and hangars. (With other buildings in the airport. And probably just major airports. (Maybe some smaller ones.)


Yeah i guess…


High Quality Detailed Planes are there but its only one thing. Having many planes flying around in global can affect the device depending on what device you own.


I swear the devs are working on a way to put 3D buildings in infinite flight.
What they could do is add hangers and terminal buildings for the bigger airports then control towers and etc.


Please don’t speculate. :)