3D Buildings


The level of detail of all features on Infinite Flight is greater than Extreme Landings. The game uses a lot of RAM on devices already.


So you can chose if you want it or not… If your tablet/iPad/phone isn’t strong enough so don’t chose it


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I agree! Otherwise tons of devices won’t be able to run IF anymore :(


I think what would be cool was would be if you had a choice global and almost every airport existing, or small areas that have 3D buildings, do like two separate game modes


That would lead to a loss of profit for IF
And I think there would be very little support
Better to imput buildings into Global in the future


I love the idea but I won’t vote. Because this will only cause IF being support on less devices.
Currently they’re adding more features that decreases the amount of supported devices. Adding this feature would decrease that amount a lot!
If they could add this feature without losing the support I’ll vote.


You can go to youtube and go to Laura Laban channel go to her old video and there is some 3D buildings like airport KSFO!


Hmmph… If only the building project wasn’t scrapped…😪


I think yes.🙁…The vidéo is in YouTube since 2009-2010


This is a good idea however, there are no people so why bother. But yeah for the realism side of things its a great idea 👌


Add all the proper taxi and runway lights first, then work on 3D buildings :)


And your evidence towards this is?


Man cmon anything is possible. As time passes technology continues to thrive and get better and better. You can’t be asking for evidence proving that it is possible. I’ve actually have done some looking into this and I can assure you heck yes it’s possible. If you actually take the time to look things up before making claims, you can find out some great things.

So for all of you wondering if it’s possible. Why yes indeed, however it would take tons of time and money to get it done. So let’s all be patient and the devs will implement this when they feel it’s the right time.


3D buildings getting rendered (especially at large airports like KLAX, EGLL, KJFK, etc.) might kill your device but if there is a way to do it then im all for it.


I don’t see why it can’t be a feature to be able to turn it on or off. Of course, I know very little about programming, but I would bet it would be possible…like a graphics setting or something. Therefore, people who have devices that can’t run the 3D buildings can turn it off and be able to fly as we do now. They all said Global wasn’t possible, look at what we have now! It can be done, I’m sure, you just have to have some faith in FDS, because they will surely accomplish it, it just takes time.


I could see the devs making 3D terminals and airports, but not all the buildings in the world…


I agree. In X-Plane 11, you can change the number of buildings that X-Plane renders depending on how fast your computer is. I bet the same type of concept could be applied to IF as well.


It would be super cool to have 3D airports, terminals, and jetways. But not everyone’s device can handle it. You would have to design and code it so that the buildings only spawn an X distance away from you.


That would take even longer than global :)