3D Buildings


If they can create moving 3D aircraft, which mound a lot more polygons due to its shape, then what’s so bad about stationary 3D buildings? (Besides I only want 3D buildings around the airport and inside of it. Also hopefully the terminals would have jetways.)

The stuff in parentheses, are just my opinion. :)


ive always wanted this though im out of votes


You do know that you can remove votes to vote for this feature,right?


Wouldn’t this just consume more space/storage? My device currently holds 4.13 GB from IF all because of the large amount of scenery & the planes…


wow your lucky, Infinite Flight takes up 5 gigs of data on my device.


It probably would take more storage, for sure, but maybe the airports will be streamed instead of downloaded to your device.


That’s mostly because I deleted all other apps and games that I never use anymore


Don’t know how that would work, but we’ll see


3D buildings would probably be an update comparable to the global update, with a lot of work required. I’m sure FDS will find a solution for the storage problem, but tbh I would rather see improved airport lights first.


The solution would be making the 3D buildings for the airports only.
3D terminal buildings and a 3D control tower


They could also make 3D buildings near the airport premises. It wouldn’t be that bad for it like KLAX for example.


Exactly what I was thinking. But tbh I don’t think we’ll ever have 3D buildings.


The devs have stated at Oshkosh that they will eventually implement 3D buildings into the sim. They are just trying to find a way to avoid errors with scenery streaming. :)


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No… Look at extream landings and aerofly2 and x plane… They are all mobile


The area of where you can fly is massively more extensive than both of them


In Xtream landings there are 3D buildings in New York and other big cities and it’s global too